Darren Elkins Upsets Dennis Bermudez With Split Decision Win

In our co-main event of the evening, featherweights Dennis Bermudez and Darren Elkins are next up to take center Octagon. Here’s how it went down:

Round 1:

A flying knee attempt from Bermudez misses to open the round and Elkins lands a nice right hand. A body kick lands for Bermudez and Elkins comes inside to throw a few shots but doesn’t land anything significant. The pair continue to exchange hooks inside the pocket but it’s Bermudez’s leg kicks that are showing to be teh most effective strikes.

Bermudez slips and falls after a kick and Elkins pounces right on top of him, taking the back clinch. Elkins takes Bermudez down a few times before he is able to disengage and get the fight back to the feet. More leg kicks from Bermudez now, but he overextends on an overhand and Elkins takes the back again, this time on the ground.

Elkins throwing ground-and-pound but is also working for the choke. The body triangle is locked in for Elkins, but Bermudez stands up and Elkins loses his grip and falls off. Elkins powers through and viciously takes Bermudez down again, however, Bermudez is once again up and has Elkins against the cage. He goes in for a takedown of his own but a scramble ensues as the round ends.

Round 2:

Bermudez comes out swinging hard to open the round and goes for a takedown, but is unsuccessful. More hard shots from Bermudez miss and Elkins counters with some nice shots of his own. A right hand lands for Elkins and the pair clinch up against the cage. Both men land nice shots but they disengage as Bermudez barely misses a spinning backfist.

Bermudez bulldozes in for a takedown and has Elkins sitting against the cage and is able to get up. Both men are missing on their striking attempts and Bermudez presses Elkins against the cage again. Elkins locks up a standing choke and Bermudez drops to his knees in order to prevent any knees to the head. Elkins throws shots to the shoulders and is able to switch to the back clinch.

Elkins picks Bermudez up and takes him down but Bermudez stands right back up and pushes Elkins against the cage. He trips as the round ends and Elkins jumps on his back.

Round 3:

Elkins rips off a combo to start the round and ducks a return from Bermudez before getting pushed against the cage. Bermudez really pushing the pressure here and stuffs a takedown attempt from Elkins. Elkins has him against the cage but Bermudez is able to flip position. They disengage and Elkins lands a nice hook that backs Bermudez up, and he follows it up with a good combo.

Bermudez lands a nice right hand and pushes Elkins against the cage again. Bermudez lands a few clean shots but pays for it with a head-kick. As the seconds tick down they begin to go at it and throw everything they have at one another. The round comes to a close with Elkins going in on the takedown but not finishing.

Official Result: Darren Elkins def. Dennis Bermudez via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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