Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Don Frye on Sakuraba: ‘He Had The Biggest Heart & Courage’

Don Frye is more than happy to have inducted Kazushi Sakuraba to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Fame.

Sakuraba’s success in Pride Fighting Championships helped build a legacy. Despite only having two fights in the UFC, he’s also made history under the promotion. He’s the first Japanese tournament winner in the UFC, having won the Ultimate Japan Heavyweight tourney.

During a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, Frye talked about what made Sakuraba special:

“He had the biggest heart and courage than anybody I’ve ever seen. I had a pretty good heart back when I was fighting, but it’s not even the same solar system compared to that guy. I’m just a child compared to a giant when it comes to his perseverance. He put books in his pants to be able to weigh in for the UFC fight over there in Japan.”

When it came to weight differences, Frye made it clear that Sakuraba had no complaints in any of his fights.

“You get these guys, they b*tch about somebody being one pound overweight. Sakuraba and I, we both fought guys who were twice our body weight. And more than that, too. You’re talking real athletes, too. You’re not talking just some big fat guy who just got off the couch. That’s an idiotic statement, when anybody says that. You’re talking real freaking athletes who are fighting.”

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