Douglas Lima: I’m Going to Show Rory MacDonald Why I’m The Champion

Douglas Lima isn’t fond of Rory MacDonald’s assessment of his successful title defense against Lorenz Larkin.

Lima earned a unanimous decision over Larkin in the Bellator NYC opener. “The Phenom” garnered praise for his performance, but “Red King” wasn’t impressed. Lima and MacDonald are set to compete in a title bout in the near future.

Speaking to, Lima said he’s ready to show MacDonald that he’s the real deal:

“Rory can say whatever the hell he wants. He’s going to answer for it when he steps in there with me. I’m going to show him why I’m the champion and why he’s wrong. I’m going to beat him.”

As for the date of the bout, Lima said it depends on the severity of his foot injury.

“I believe they wanted that fight to happen in September, but I’m going to have to get an X-ray on my foot. If it’s not broken, then I’m happy to go again in September or October. I want to fight him as soon as I can—lets do it this year. I just want to keep defending this belt, get some finishes and keep the belt forever. I’ve got maybe eight more years of fighting, so why not just keep defending this belt against all the top contenders.”

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