Drakkar Klose Takes Split Decision Win Over Marc Diakiese

One of the best prospects at 155 pounds, Marc Diakiese, takes center Octagon next when he meets Drakkar Klose. Here’s what went down:

Round 1:

Klose opens things up with a few leg kicks and Diakiese responds with a missed spinning kick. Klose gets the takedown but Diakiese gets right back up. Klose pressures Diakiese against the cage but he gets a nice takedown. They get back up and Diakiese attempt to take Klose’s back. A scrammble ensues on the ground but Diakiese stands and pressures Klose against the cage.

They separate and Diakiese begins to throw some hard shots, however, Klose lands a hard leg kick that takes Diakiese’s leg right out for under him as he falls. Klose pounces on top and reigns down ground-and-pound. The round comes to an end with a scramble between the pair on the ground.

Round 2:

Diakiese opens the round with a huge overhand that barely misses. Klose comes in on a takedown but only is able to pressure him against the cage for a while. Klose catches a spinning kick from Diakiese and they scramble on the ground fro a moment before getting back up. They clinch up against the cage and Diakiese lands a knee to Klose’s groin and the action pauses.

The action resumes and Diakiese has another spinning attack caught. He’s thrown down and the round ends with Klose on top.

Round 3:

Diakiese lands a nice switch kick to Klose’s head to open the round, but he eats it well. Klose comes in on a takedown but Diakiese raps up a choke on the ground. Klose is able to scramble out but Diakiese locks in the back clinch. Klose taunts Diakiese, who is unable to land anything significant for the remainder of the round. The fight comes to a close with Diakiese going for a choke attempt that is unsuccessful.

Official Result: Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)