Floyd Mayweather Explains His Respect For Dana White

The trash talk between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has been ruthless, but “Money” isn’t going to put down Dana White.

White is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President. During the second press conference on the McGregor-Mayweather tour, “Money” showered White with praise (via MMAFighting.com):

“Dana, I could never disrespect you. I’ve known you for 21 years. You’ve done a hell of a job with this company. And I want to continue to watch you grow. I want to watch you continue to build the UFC, because it’s all about combat sports. You’ve done a hell of a job. No matter what I’ve said about you in the past, as a man I look in your face and apologize and tell you I’m sorry. But you’ve done a hell of a job with this company.”

After the conference, Mayweather talked about his history with White and why he has respect for the UFC President.

“Dana White used to come over my house every day. I’ve been knowing Dana White 21 years. I’m big enough to apologize to Dana White. I’m a real man, that’s what real men do. I’m man enough to apologize. I’ve said some stuff about Dana. I’m only human. He takes shots at me; I take shots back. I’m only human. I’m not upset with Dana White, I’m not upset with anybody.”