Frank Mir Granted UFC Release, Reveals Details of Agreed Terms

Frank Mir is no longer an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight.

Mir has been adamant about wanting to fight again, but he hasn’t been feeling the love from the UFC or the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). As a result, Mir asked for his release. His request has been granted.

On a recent episode of “Phone Booth Fighting,” Mir revealed the details surrounding his release:

“Now officially I’m no longer apart of the UFC. I finally have my release, it’s official. They put a couple of little contingencies in there. Basically because USADA is not able to regulate or has no ability to do anything outside of the authority of the UFC, they knew that once I was released technically I could go do whatever I want. So part of me not having to drag this battle out was I made a concession that I would wait until April, which is when the suspension would’ve ended anyway, to start fighting. Basically not to give a big f*ck you to USADA I guess.”

Mir mentioned he already has a “foot in the door” with Absolute Championship Berkut because he already serves as a color commentator for the promotion. With that said, he has yet to agree to a bout with any organization.