Friend of McGregor Claims Mayweather is “Impossible to Beat”

Irish boxer Michael Conlon claims that his friend, Conor McGregor, is facing an “impossible” task ahead of his showdown with Floyd Myaweather Jr. on Aug. 26

Conlan, who was walked to the ring in Madison Square Garden by McGregor in his pro boxing debut earlier this year, is not convinced that “The Notorious” stands much of a chance against the boxing legend.

The “Top Rank” rising star told Second Captains that he expects Mayweather to take the win over his close friend:

“I am happy for him but it is a fight that is almost impossible.

“I don’t know if he can land a big one on him, he probably can cause something, but it’s very hard to see Floyd [allowing him].

“I am friends with Conor, I really like Conor, but Floyd has been impossible to beat.

“The more I think about, the more I go, ‘I don’t know think so because when you get Canelo, Oscar De La Hoya, and they can’t beat him and they can’t land cleanly on him, can Conor do it?’

“It seems impossible but boxing is a sport and anything can happen.”

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