Gegard Mousasi Says UFC’s Reebok Deal Steals Money From Fighters

Gegard Mousasi isn’t holding back on his feelings regarding the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) deal with Reebok.

“The Dreamcatcher” recently tested free agency and it paid off. He is now a member of the Bellator roster. Flo Combat recently interviewed the highly regarded middleweight. Mousasi didn’t pull punches:

“The Reebok deal is stealing money from the fighters. I make OK money, I’m comfortable. A lot of fighters don’t make that so they rely on the sponsors. Once you cut eighty percent of their check, of course no one is satisfied with Reebok. The fighters certainly are not. I can say that now because I’m not associated with Reebok. I can say the truth. These guys cannot say because if they speak out they’re going to get punished or they get crap. Even Reebok is not happy. I don’t think the UFC is happy.”

The former Strikeforce and Dream light heavyweight champion scoffs at the idea that the UFC was looking out for the fighters with the Reebok deal.

“The Reebok deal was made to sell the company for $4 billion to make the UFC look more professional like the NBA or football players. It wasn’t there to help the fighters out.”