Jack Marshman Takes Decision Win Over Ryan Janes

A middleweight contest between ground specialist Ryan Janes and Jack Marshman is next up on the UFC Fight Night Glasgow. You can check out how it all went down here:

Round 1:

Marshman comes out and establishes Octagon control but can’t seem to land much against Janes. Janes is moving very well to avoid Marshman’s standup attack but eats a nice uppercut during an exchange. A right hook lands for Marshman who follows it up with a lead uppercut. A big right hand lands for Marshman again but Janes continues to push forward and seems to take the shots well.

A nice jab lands for Marshman and he follows that up with a nice combination that Janes is unable to avoid. The round ends with Janes pressuring Marshman up against the cage.

Round 2:

Not much out of this round. Majority of the time is being spend standing up with neither man landing anything significant before Janes pushes the fight to the cage. Janes gets dominant position and and Marshman fires off some shots in order to separate. Marshman pushes the action in the closing seconds of the round and is able to land some nice hooks to Janes’ chin. The round comes to a close with both men throwing leg kicks.

Round 3:

More striking to open the third round as both men are able to land some decent shots in the opening minutes. Marshman is doing a great job of figuring out Janes’ length but is still eating the occasional shot from his counterpart. Marshman is able to pop in and out of range for a nice shot. Suddenly, with time expiring, Janes is pushing in hard on offense and pushes Marshman against the cage.

The round ends with both men exchanging hard shots.

Official Result: Jack Marshman def. Ryan Janes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)