Saturday, December 4, 2021

Jared Scoggins Talks About His Fighting Family, Not Being Attached to UFC

Jared Scoggins is a family man.

Scoggins is part of a talented family of fighters. His brother Justin competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) flyweight division. Their older brother Jake was a huge influence in their fighting aspirations and even their sister-in-law Hannah is making waves in the fight game.

Speaking to Flo Combat, the “Psycho” talked about how important family is to him:

“It’s awesome to have family around you. All families are going to support you in what you are doing, but to have your family there training with you is incredible. My brother is sitting there right next to me putting in the work, and we are realizing our dreams are starting to come true. It’s awesome to have that type of support front and center. My brother Justin is in the UFC, but our older brother Jake is the one who got this started. He started karate when we were young and we just followed in his footsteps. Hannah is making her way through the amateur ranks right now. She’s a killer.”

At the age of 22 with a record of 6-1, many feel it’s only a matter of time before Scoggins joins his brother in the UFC. The “Psycho” plans on going with the promotion that gives him the best deal.

“I have a family and I have mouths to feed. Whoever is going to pay the most is where I’m going to go. This is my job. This is my career and I have to make that money. There are options now in this game. I’m going to go where I can do what is best for my family.”

Scoggins meets Cody Durden on July 22 at NFC 97. A win for either man may prove to be a huge leap towards a contract with a major promotion.

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