Jimi Manuwa Says he & Gustafsson Will Work Around Title Issues

Jimi Manuwa and Alexander Gustafsson insist they will never fight each other again.

Back in March 2014, Manuwa and Gustafsson competed in the main event of UFC Fight Night 37. “The Mauler” took the fight by second-round knockout. Since that time, the “Poster Boy” has joined forces with Gustafsson and the two consider one another brothers.

Recently, Manuwa was a guest on MMA-Panelen and spoke about his friendship with Gustafsson. He said if it comes down to it, one getting a title shot over the other won’t be an issue (via MMAMania.com):

“Do you know what? We don’t even need to talk about it, what if you get the belt or whatever. We’ve got an understanding on that. For me anyway, there’ll be no problem, there’ll be no problem. There’s other people to fight; the belt is what we want, but if one of us gets it, then there are other ways around it. Maybe I’ll go up or come down, or do a boxing fight, or whatever. For me, it’s no problem. It’s really no problem. We’ve got love for each other, you know? Training together is more important, and helping each other to win our fights is more important. The belt is what we want, but it’s not everything, you know?”

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