Joe Silva Says he Doesn’t Miss Excitement of Being UFC Matchmaker

Don’t count on seeing Joe Silva come out of retirement anytime soon.

Silva was the glue that held everything together as the long-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matchmaker. Late last year, Silva retired and was replaced by Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard.

Last night (July 6), Silva was inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame. During his speech, Silva said his job wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows (via

“I don’t know that I ever did a show where someone didn’t come up to me and say, ‘Joe Silva, you’ve got the best job in the whole world!’ And most of the time would just smile and nod. But in my head, I thought, ‘Really? Have you ever had a job where you’ve had to fire hundreds of people that you like and admire?’ You can’t bring someone new in unless someone leaves.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t miss being in that position.

“People ask me if I miss all the excitement and really I don’t. Urijah Faber texted me asking me how retirement was going. I told him, It’s been four months and I haven’t had a bad day yet.”

With that said, Silva still keeps tabs on what’s going on as a spectator.

“I am still a huge fan of the sport. I watch every show and I still text with Dana and Lorenzo and Sean and Mick. Every time I hear about some big fight falling out, I text them, ‘I’m so sorry for you and so happy that I don’t have to deal with it.’”