Joe Warren Says Rubber Match With Eduardo Dantas Needs to Happen

Joe Warren believes that a third bout with Eduardo Dantas is bound to happen.

Warren is 1-1 against “DuDu.” In their first encounter, Warren took a unanimous decision to capture the Bellator bantamweight title. The rematch saw Dantas get revenge via majority decision.

Warren told Flo Combat that he’s working on his movement after being caught off guard by Dantas’ speed:

“In losing that decision, I couldn’t grab a hold of him. His footwork and distance were so good that he caught me,” Warren said. “Me being the coachable athlete I am, I understand I’m only as good as my last fight. If you don’t evolve as a fighter you get left behind. For these last six months, we’ve worked on footwork and closing the distance, cutting off the cage. I just added a repertoire and mindset to my already killer movement. I’m just a different fighter than I was, I’m just moving better.”

He went on to say that a third bout has to happen.

“We put those losses behind us, I didn’t even think about it until you asked, (but) that Dantas fight is still touching me a little bit. We’re 1-1, there is a rubber match that needs to be happening. My focus is totally on getting back in that Bellator cage and getting my belt back.”