Jordan Johnson Bests Marcel Fortuna In Three Round Slugfest

The Ultimate Fighter Season 25 Finale (TUF 25 Finale) kicked things off with some light heavyweight action, as Jordan Johnson met Marcel Fortuna in the middle of the Octagon. Here’s how it all went down:

Round 1:

Johnson opens the round by landing a huge shot that puts Fortuna down. He swarms with ground-and-pound attempts but nothing lands. Fortuna is able to rally and gets back to his feet before begining to move around. After an uneventful few minutes, Johnson takes the back clinch and proceeds to suplex Fortuna down, however, Fortuna held the top of the Octagon while up in the air to stop the momentum of the takedown. Fortuna was able to get right back up to his feet.

The round comes to an end with both men exchanging hard shots.

Round 2:

Both men are being a lot more aggressive now as they are swinging wildly and landing hard shots to one another’s chin. Johnson is able to initiate a clinch and gets a huge takedown that leads to some nice ground-and-pound. Fortuna gets to his feet and lands some big shots on Johnson against the cage to close out the roud.

Round 3:

Johnson opens the round with a hard overhand right that connects and seems to wobble Fortuna a bit. Fortuna responds with some nice shots of his own but Johnson continues to pressure him and maintain Octagon control. Fortuna lands a nice right hand on his way back and Johnson looks to get a takedown. Fortuna defends well and is able to escape a clinch from Johnson against the cage. Johnson ducks his head down and eats a nasty kick, the round comes to an end with both men throwing wild shots.

Official Result: Jordan Johnson def. Marcel Fortuna via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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