Jorge Masvidal on Michael Bisping: ‘He’s Such a Coward’

Jorge Masvidal has little respect for Michael Bisping as a person.

Masvidal may not be a middleweight, but he isn’t holding his tongue when talking about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 185-pound title holder. “Gamebred” trains with Yoel Romero over at American Top Team.

During a recent appearance on BJ Penn Radio, Masvidal talked about Bisping ripping the Cuban flag while in attendance for UFC 213:

“It’s just one of those things. It’s upsetting because he’s such a coward. I’ve always thought he was a coward to begin with. Long before the Yoel feud, I’ve always thought that man is a coward.”

He went back to “The Count’s” feud with Jorge Rivera as an example of the champion’s behavior.

“He spit on [Jorge Rivera]. People may have forgotten, but he spit on his corners, not even Jorge. What did they do? Maybe we have to do an investigation. Did they smash up your wife or something? Did they f*ck your wife, so you went and spit on them? What could they have done for you to spit on another human being that you’re not even fighting? So since then, I lost respect for him. And I always thought he fought like a hoe anyways. If he’s tired or hurt he always backs down, so I never liked his fighting style. But after he did that spitting thing, however many years ago, I was like this dude’s just a clown. He’s nothing but a clown. He’ll do anything for a Facebook like, for a f*cking Myspace shout-out. The guy will do whatever he can to get his name out there, and that’s something that I extra can’t respect as another man.”

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