Thursday, July 7, 2022

Joseph Benavidez on Injury Recovery: ‘It’s Part of The Game’

Joseph Benavidez is taking his knee injury in stride.

Benavidez was set to take on Ben Nguyen last month. The number one ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight was looking for his seventh straight win. He didn’t get a chance to do so as he was pulled from the fight due to a knee injury.

Speaking to SiriusXM Rush, Benavidez explained why he’s staying positive despite the circumstances:

“It’s been great man. It’s just another experience at this point. At first it’s a shock especially when it’s never happened to you and you can barely wrap your head around fighting and competing being taken away from you for a long time. Once you get going and you realize this is just another experience and kind of get in the groove … you just realize it’s part of the game.”

Benavidez always pushes himself to get to the championship gold, but being an exciting fighter is also important to him.

“World title for sure is always the goal, but the more basic term is keep going and improving and putting on good fights. Obviously that’s the first step. I don’t think about the result like, ‘I need this or I need that title.’ It’s just about improving and continuing to have fun with it and continuing to excite the fans and the media and the bosses alike.”

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