Saturday, December 4, 2021

Kevin Lee Rips Eddie Alvarez & Justin Gaethje as TUF Coaches

Kevin Lee isn’t happy about being left off season 26 of “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF).

Lee thought he had snagged the role of a TUF coach opposite Justin Gaethje. Instead, it’ll be Eddie Alvarez’s team going against Gaethje’s team. This doesn’t sit well with “The Motown Phenom.”

Speaking to, Lee said he would’ve been a better choice as a coach over Alvarez:

“I think if you even ask anybody in the UFC, and they say (me vs. Gaethje) is the better fight to make. That’s the better TV. If they really wanted to push ‘TUF,’ I think that would’ve been the better option, and I think if you ask anybody in the know, they would’ve said the same thing.”

He then took things a step further, blasting Gaethje and Alvarez by questioning their ability to keep the audience engaged.

“You’ve got Eddie, and you’ve got Gathje, who are both brain dead. They’re going to go in there, they’re going to talk, and they’re going to slur some words at each other. Nobody is going to watch it. It’s going to be terrible. I feel sorry for the women on the show, because they’re not going to get as many eyeballs.”

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