Monday, November 28, 2022

King Mo Defends Amanda Nunes’ Decision to Pull Out of UFC 213

Amanda Nunes raised a lot of eyebrows by pulling out of UFC 213 at the last minute earlier this month. She also invoked the wrath of UFC President Dana White, who swore she would never headline a Pay-per-View again (which he seems to be sticking to for now, as Nunes will serve in the co-main event of UFC 215 next).

However, American Top Team teammate “King” Mo Lawal has come to Nunes’ defense, saying he agrees with her pulling out of the fight due to a bad case of sinusitis.

Speaking to MMA Junkie radio, Lawal questioned critics saying Nunes was ducking the fight. “What’s there to fear? She’s fought the girl before” King Mo told the show.

On Data White publicly ridiculing the women’s bantamweight champ, Lawal pointed out that English isn’t Nunes’ first language. And besides, “what are you going to do, say something back in return and start a battle?”

Ultimately, he sees some valid reasons for Nunes falling ill and pulling out.

“She came out here two weeks in advance five pounds over. She was good. She was prepared, She’s ready for battle.” he said. “But something obviously happened. A lot of times people come to Vegas, and they underestimate the heat. They also underestimate their allergies.”

“People forget the dry air, the heat” he continued. “We’re coming from Florida. That might’ve gotten her, as well. She’s not feeling too well. The doctors might say she “oh you can compete” – the doctors are not in her head.”

“It’s stupid. Why would you want your champion to go out there and compete not at 100%?”