Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kyra Batara Says She Isn’t Fazed by Vanessa Rico Fernandez

Kyra Batara is out to prove why she’s high on the Combate Americas ladder.

Tomorrow night (July 27), Batara will meet Vanessa Rico Fernandez inside the Mana Wynwood in Miami, Florida. “Mogwai” is looking to go 4-0 under the Combate Americas banner. Meanwhile, Fernandez will look to get her first win since Sept. 2015.

MMA Weekly recently spoke to Batara, who said she felt ready for the match-up:

“If anything, I’m already prepared for this and have already fought this before. She is very similar to Jenny Silverio; she was a second strip purple belt and had a very strong Tae Kwon Do background as well; and with Vanessa I think she’s almost less of the opponent than Jenny was.”

“Mogwai” insisted that she isn’t overlooking her opponent, but she does feel her skills are on another level.

“I am not going to underestimate (Fernandez) by any means, but I’m going to go in there and I’m going to prove to her this is why I was telling her why I wanted someone top ranked and what she’s bringing to the table is not going to faze me, and prove why I deserve to be top ranked at the top in Combate Americas.”

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