Manuwa Eyeing a Bout With ‘Greatest of All Time’ in Jon Jones

Bruising British light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa believes that the 205-pound title fight between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is a foregone conclusion

According to “Poster Boy”, there is no way Cormier can beat the 29-year-old Octagon legend and former dominant champion of the light heavyweight division (Jones).

Manuwa recently told that there will only be one outcome between both men at their UFC 214 showdown on July 29 in Anaheim, Calif.:

“I believe Jones wins the fight,” Manuwa said. “Cormier doesn’t win the fight standing up at all. Whether Jon Jones is rusty or not, Cormier doesn’t have the skill set to win the fight standing up. His best option is to try and take him down, and he couldn’t do that [the first time]. Jones has got too much takedown defense and wrestling for Cormier to take him down.

“I think Jones has got his number. I think Jones wins the fight, whether or not he’s rusty.”

Manuwa believes that a victory for Jones could potentially set up an enticing encounter of his own with the man he believes is not only the greatest fighter in his division, but of all time in MMA:

“That would be a great fight. I’d love to fight Jon Jones. He’s the greatest of all time in the Octagon,” Manuwa explained. “People say ‘Mighty Mouse’ [Demetrious Johnson] is pound-for-pound [the best fighter] but I believe it’s Jon Jones. He’s such a great fighter and I’d love to test my skills against him.”

“It doesn’t matter what he’s done outside. I don’t care what he’s done outside of the ring except taking performance-enhancing drugs, which I totally don’t agree with. His other activities, it is what it is. This is about fighting. It’s not about who’s the best person, to me anyways. It’s about fighting and who’s the best fighter without taking drugs.”