Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Marc Ratner: McGregor vs. Mayweather Helps MMA & Boxing

Marc Ratner believes the “super fight” between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will be beneficial to mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing.

McGregor and Mayweather are set to do battle on Aug. 26. While the bout has generated a ton of buzz, it has also garnered many detractors. The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Ratner told that he’s intrigued by the match-up:

“I’m looking forward to it. I will be excited and we’ll see what Conor can do. I’m a big fan of Floyd. He can do everything. He’s really hard to hit. And he’s been off a couple of years. He never gets out of shape, but he is 40 years old. So we’ll see.”

He went on to say that the detractors are paying attention as well.

“I think it helps both sports in a lot of ways. There will be a lot of negativity, there’s no question about it. But the more people talk about it, the more people hate it, they’ll still watch it. And that’s what it’s about.”

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