Mario Yamasaki Says Michael Chiesa’s Grappling Challenge is Childish

Referee Mario Yamasaki has caught wind of Michael Chiesa’s grappling challenge.

Yamasaki officiated Chiesa’s last bout against Kevin Lee at UFC Fight Night 112. Lee locked in a rear-naked choke and Yamasaki called the fight off. “The Maverick” didn’t tap or pass out, but he stopped hand fighting.

Chiesa recently issued a grappling challenge to Yamasaki, who responded in an interview with

“I’m 53 years old, I don’t train anymore, how am I going to do this? And what’s the point of him fighting me? What would that change? What does he want to prove? It’s childish. Even if he catches me or if I catch him, that won’t change anything that happened in his fight. What is he trying to prove?”

Yamasaki however did have a counter offer.

“If he gives me some time to train, I’d grapple with him. Tell him to come to my academy, no problem. I have 10 academies in the United States, he can come any time he wants.”