Mark Henry Says Eddie Alvarez Will Thrive as TUF Coach

Renowned mixed martial arts (MMA) coach Mark Henry believes Eddie Alvarez is suited for his role as a coach on season 26 of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

MMA Latest News recently caught up with Henry, who talked about Alvarez as a coach and whether or not a rematch with Dustin Poirier was on the table:

“To be honest I am not surprised. Before Eddie was appointed as a coach on TUF the UFC were talking to us about other potential fights and Dustin was never mentioned so I wasn’t surprised.”

He went on to explain why he feels Alvarez will be a strong coach.

“Eddie first of all is an amazing man, an amazing family man. He is an incredible teammate. When Barboza was training to fight Anthony Pettis he was the first guy in the gym to help him. Eddie had already fought Pettis so really helped Barboza in that camp. He is always giving the guys great advice in training, he will do great. Eddie and Justin will be a great fight. Justin is a great kid with lots of heart. He helped Frankie out in some of his camps so we know him well. We will need a full packed lunch when we face Justin.”

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