Matt Brown Talks About Preparing Jesse Taylor For TUF 25 Finale

Matt Brown is happy to have been a part of Jesse Taylor’s camp leading up to his victory on “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) 25 Finale.

It was Taylor who made the decision to train in Colorado with “The Immortal.” Brown explained to Flo Combat why Taylor felt the change was necessary:

“It’s always nice to do a camp somewhere else because you’re there for one purpose and one purpose only. The distractions are taken away. I think he needed that. On top of that, I think he respects my experience and my knowledge, especially the conditioning and cardio side of things that I bring to the table.”

He went on to talk about his role throughout the camp.

“I think what I brought to the table most was just more planning. What I do is set up an overall plan for the fight, for the training camp — for the month or however long it is, then for the week of the fight, then for the day of the fight — from the macro to the micro. When you’re able to put all those things together, it just makes you a lot more confident going into a fight and you’ve seen the results.”