Saturday, November 27, 2021

Maurice Smith Says One Fight Changed His & Marco Ruas’ Legacies

Maurice Smith says one fight made the different in how his and Marco Ruas’ legacies played out.

Smith is an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Famer. He’s also a former UFC heavyweight title holder. In perhaps the most memorable moment of Smith’s career, he kicked his way to a unanimous decision victory over Mark Coleman to capture the gold.

Ruas isn’t exactly a fan of Smith’s induction and feels he’s earned that spot. Speaking with A.G. Fight, Smith explained the deciding factor (via Flo Combat):

“It’s just a fight [that made the difference]. I met Marco Ruas before he fought Paul Varelans, and he’s a very nice guy. He used kicks to win. The difference is that my fight was for a belt. I think that if Paul had been a champion, [Ruas] would have been awarded just as I have been.”

He went on to say that despite Ruas’ accomplishments, he feels the competition pales in comparison.

“In theory, [Ruas] has a better record than me in the UFC. He has four wins and two losses and I have four wins and three losses, but unfortunately–that’s just my opinion–he hasn’t fought top guys like I have […]. I was a champion at Extreme Fighting and I fought [the UFC] champion. I think it was just that one fight [that made the difference].”

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