Mayweather’s Ex Claims Conor McGregor Took Advantage of Domestic Violence Incident

Mayweather was jailed in 2010 for domestic battery following an assault on Josie Harris, who released a statement accusing Conor McGregor of making light of the incident to target the boxer

Mayweather had allegedly found text messages shared between the mother of his children, Harris, and former Golden State Warriors player C.J Watson. The 40-year-old boxer had allegedly beaten Harris in front of their children.

McGregor, who wore the jersey of Watson seemingly in an attempt to get at Mayweather, has been strongly criticized by the fighter’s ex in a statement released to TMZ:

Conor McGregor’s exploitation of the events surrounding Mayweather’s violent beating of Josie Harris, for the sole purpose of promoting an upcoming boxing match and taunting his opponent in the ongoing media-driven feud between the two fighters, demonstrates not only an insensitivity toward the emotional well being and privacy of the victim of Mayweather’s domestic violence, but also a general disregard for the physical and emotional trauma and long-lasting psychological impacts suffered by the victims of domestic abuse,” Harris’ attorney, Dan Friedlander, stated.

“Although McGregor played no part in Mayweather’s physical and emotional abuse of Harris, his exploitation of the events of September 9, 2010 for publicity, entertainment, and personal gain, demonstrates a lack of sensitivity toward Harris and her three children who witnessed Mayweather’s violence and the trauma they have suffered, and continue to suffer,” Friedlander said.

“By sensationalizing Mayweather’s past acts of domestic violence to create entertainment and promotional value, McGregor trivializes domestic violence in disregard for the privacy and well being of those who have suffered at the hands of abuse, further compounding the emotional and psychological trauma, shaming, humiliation, blaming and embarrassment suffered by so many victims.”