Michael Chandler Says Primus Has ‘Zero Credit’ For Bellator NYC Win

Michael Chandler doesn’t view Brent Primus as the true Bellator lightweight champion.

Chandler and Primus fought on the Bellator NYC card last month. Chandler lost his title due to an injury. While Primus has credited his leg kicks for stopping the fight, the former champion disagrees.

Speaking to MMAJunkie.com, Chandler explained why he feels Primus’ leg kicks had no effect:

“Sorry if Brent feels that way. But all I can say is I don’t remember any kind of floppy food syndrome. I didn’t notice any of that until I rolled the ankle. The doctors I spoke to said that makes complete sense. So that’s what I’m going with, and that’s where I’m at. Obviously, Brent thinks it’s from kicks. I think he literally only threw one leg – I mean, the fight was two minutes and 22 seconds long.”

Chandler then blasted the champion for feeling he doesn’t get treated like a title holder.

“It was almost as if he knew he didn’t deserve that win. He knew that he didn’t deserve to have that belt around his waist. I think he’s a little bit sad. A little bit butt-hurt that his ‘championship run’ has been taken away from him, and he has zero credit. He’s gotten zero credit for beating me – which he should. Whatever, it was an injury.”

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