NSAC Executive Claims There Will be no Bias With McGregor-Mayweather

When it comes to Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, a fair fight is key for the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

NSAC executive Bob Bennett says the commission is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to fair play involving the fight. That includes booking an official that won’t favor either fighter. Recently, Dana White and John Kavanagh expressed discontent with referee Kenny Bayless.

While a referee has not been made official, Bennett told MMAJunkie.com that the decision will be made in fairness:

“There’s no prejudice. There’s no bias. They agreed to box, and they’ll fight like any other boxing match. As long as you follow the rules, then your chances are predicated on your actions in the ring. We’re in the middle. We’re here here strictly to regulate the event. That’s what we do for every fight. Nobody has an edge. There’s no favoritism here. They’re two phenomenal athletes. It should be a very, very interesting event, and we’ll see what happens in the ring.”

Bennett then explained the process that will be made when picking an official.

“If you want somebody pulled, you have to let me know why. And it has to prove to be true. And if it is, then I’ll pull them. If it’s not, I won’t.”