Paul Felder Enjoys Commentary Role on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series

After having a rough week in his personal life, Paul Felder still has a lot to smile about.

Felder recently lost his father close to his UFC Fight Night 113 bout against Stevie Ray. Despite the events that have taken place in his life, Felder earned a first-round knockout victory. “The Irish Dragon” garnered the respect and admiration of mixed martial arts fans.

Just two nights after the fight, Felder was in the booth for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. He explained to how much pressure is on the fighters who compete on the series:

“I can only imagine what that feels like. Because I’m in (the UFC) now. So when I win a fight, there’s nothing else you’re waiting on other than the bonuses. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. But you still won your fight, you’ve got your job. (These guys) are not here for the money. They’re here to get the contract. So I really feel for the guys who got finishes tonight and still can’t get a contract. But it’s cut-throat. That’s our business. If you can’t get used to it now, you should just give it up.”

As for his time doing commentary, “The Irish Dragon” expressed great joy.

“It was fun, man. I’m kind of just still all over the place, because I literally just fought two days ago. I was talking about it yesterday, I was like, ‘My fight,’ and I’m like, ‘I fought last night.’ And I’m in Vegas now, doing this. I’m going home tonight. And I’ll see my daughter and all that kind of stuff. And eat some junk.”