Quote: McGregor Surprised me With His Unpredictable Movement

A sparring partner of Conor McGregor was surprised by “Notorious'” style.

Tiernan Bradley was called upon for McGregor’s camp through another sparring partner. That partner helped prepare the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title holder for Nate Diaz.

Bradley is helping McGregor gear up for his Aug. 26 “super fight” against Floyd Mayweather. Bradley talked about his first impression of “Notorious” during sparring sessions (via MMALatestNews.com):

“Conor surprised me with his unpredictable movement and footwork obviously the man has a cannon for a left hand but I tried to stay away from that.”

He went on to say that mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and boxers aren’t worlds apart.

“MMA fighters aren’t that different from boxers although they are always in incredible shape and are solid fighters! Every punch has power behind it! But the difference is the mental side the ability to see punches coming before they throw it! Whereas MMA fighters tend to be more aware of everything like kicks and knew and elbows!”

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