Renato Moicano: ‘I Think Conor McGregor is F*cking Awesome’

Renato Moicano is showing his support for Conor McGregor.

Opinions vary on McGregor throughout combat sports. Some think “Notorious” is a genius who uses his trash talking ability to reach heights never before seen. Others feel his brash attitude is unbearable.

Tonight (July 29), Moicano will take on Brian Ortega on the UFC 214 prelims. He told that McGregor is okay by him:

“I think McGregor is f***ing awesome, I can’t wait for this fight with Floyd Mayweather, but that’s not my style,” he said. “I can’t do something like that because that’s not who I am. I actually like the trash talkers, those who talk well, but I can’t do something like that because it’s not my reality. I have no temptations to be like that, it’s not my style. The way you see me fight, that’s who I am at home and in the gym. I don’t like to disrespect others.”

On Aug. 26, McGregor will take on Floyd Mayweather in a “super fight.” Moicano is pulling for “Notorious.”

“I’m rooting for him to win. I tell my Brazilian friends that and they question why I’m rooting for him, but I say we have to root for him because he’s going where no one else went before. He’s a pioneer. I compare what he’s going to men going to the moon. Look what he’s done, winning two titles in the toughest organization, beating Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez the way he did, and making 100 million dollars in a fight, that’s unprecedented.”