Ricardo Lamas Wants to Avoid ‘Tricky’ Submissions From Jason Knight

Ricardo Lamas is preparing for a hungry Jason Knight tomorrow (July 29).

Lamas and Knight are set to engage in a featherweight contest on the FXX preliminary portion of UFC 214. This will be the most high-profile bout of Knight’s career. Lamas is the third ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight.

Speaking to BT Sport, “The Bully” said he isn’t one to follow a game plan before his fights. Tomorrow night will be no exception:

“I don’t really enter into fights with game plans. Like I’m gonna do this, this, this and this. I know what he’s capable of, I know what I’m capable of. I’m gonna go out there and throw everything I’ve got at him.”

“The Bully” has gone 2-2 in his last four outings. Those two losses were to Chad Mendes and current 145-pound champion Max Holloway. Outside of those two and Jose Aldo, Lamas has ended his UFC fights in victory.

So what may Knight bring to the table that shouldn’t be taken lightly? “The Bully” explained.

“He’s very tricky on the ground, very flexible. He does a lot of rubber guard stuff that’s kind of tricky and little submissions from here and there that you don’t really notice until it can be too late. So I gotta be mindful of that and be careful when I’m on top of him.”