Friday, December 3, 2021

Road FC Openweight Champion Mighty Mo Talks About Maturing

Father time be damned, Mighty Mo is still kicking.

Mo is well known throughout combat sports. He’s the 2004 K-1 Las Vegas II Grand Prix champion, 2007 K-1 Hawaii champion, and the reigning Road FC openweight title holder.

It’s a significant turnaround for Mo, as he had been in a severe slump in kickboxing. In fact, he hasn’t won a kickboxing match since Oct. 2010 and is on a 10-fight losing streak in the sport.

It’s a different story for Mo in mixed martial arts. Not only is he a champion, but he’s also riding a five-fight winning streak. Speaking to Bloody Elbow, Mo talked about maturing over the years to become the man he is today:

“It’s being way more focused. I matured as I was going along. When I was in K-1, I was still young — I was young to the game. I never understood how everything was balanced out, and where (my health, and chemistry) was needed to be. I also didn’t know how to deal with emotional issues, and things of that sort. So when I was in K-1, everything was just relying more on natural and raw talent. Now, I’m more seasoned, more experienced. Yes, I’m a little older, but more experienced.”

As a champion and at the age of 46, there’s still many things to learn for Mo.

“I focus on my health to the T. I hit harder now, even more than when I was younger. Technique, timing, talent, speed, power, everything (is now coming together). Now, I feel like I’m almost at a hundred percent. Even though I’m the champion now, I don’t feel like I’m totally at a hundred percent yet. I know I’m getting better. As you can see in my fights, I’m finishing off these guys quick, and my power and speed is off the roof.”

Mo defends his title against Dong Guk Kang tomorrow (July 15) at Road FC 40.

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