Robbie Lawler Admits Difficulty Without Matt Hughes by His Side

Robbie Lawler is taking the situation with Matt Hughes as best as he can.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title holder will take on Donald Cerrone this Saturday night (July 29) at UFC 214. Hughes has been a friend and mentor to Lawler for years, but he won’t be by his side this time.

That’s because Hughes is recovering from a train collision that has left him in the hospital since late June. During a media day session, “Ruthless” said being without Hughes hits home (via

“Yeah, it’s been hard. He’s usually here with us right by our side, hanging out, making sure I’m alright. It is what it is. He’s doing better, but that’s something his family should talk about and let the media know through their outlets, not mine.”

He went on to say that he tries to block out the situation unless someone brings it to his attention.

“It’s not on my mind until like somebody asks me. Because I’m pretty good at focusing on what I need to focus on. But yeah. It’s rough.”

Pat Miletich recently said that Hughes was surprising the doctors and expressed confidence in his ability to make a full recovery.