Robert Whittaker: ‘GSP Had no Business Being in The Middleweight Division’

Robert Whittaker feels Georges St-Pierre should ditch his goal of becoming a middleweight champion.

St-Pierre reigned as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight king, but hadn’t had a bout at middleweight. He was set to battle Michael Bisping for the middleweight title, but those plans were nixed.

Speaking to FOX Sports Australia, Whittaker said he wasn’t a fan of St-Pierre jumping the line at 185 pounds.

“The Bisping versus Georges St-Pierre thing, I’m a huge Georges fan, I’m a fan of Bisping as well, they’re both veterans of the sport — except [St-Pierre] had no business being in the middleweight division.”

He went on to say that “Rush” didn’t make any friends with the immediate title shot he once had.

“He didn’t finish up as a middleweight fighter. He was never middleweight champion. He had no business being there and it was really just log-jamming the division. It was really offending the rest of us.”

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