Tyron Woodley on GSP: ‘I Don’t Know if he Really Wants to Fight’

Tyron Woodley is questioning whether or not Georges St-Pierre actually wants to compete again.

Woodley is the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title holder. He’ll defend his gold against Demian Maia this Saturday night (July 29) inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. It’ll be part of UFC 214‘s main card.

During a recent appearance on MMAFighting.com‘s “The MMA Hour,” Woodley gave his take on St-Pierre’s fighting future:

“I’ve been told me and Demian Maia are fighting this weekend. I don’t even want to talk about GSP because GSP is playing everybody. I don’t know if he really wants to fight. I don’t know if he really wants to fight me or if he wants to fight Bisping.”

“The Chosen One” certainly doesn’t believe “Rush” wants any part of him.

“To be flat out honest, I don’t think he wants to fight me. I think he wants to fight someone like Stephen Thompson. (GSP will) think, ‘(Thompson) is someone I’ve trained with, he’s not going to hit me with a concussion.’ Think about why (GSP) left the sport. He said he had some personal issues. He also spoke about the rampant usage of PEDs in the sport, and also, concussions. What guy that’s on the list is going to give him a concussion besides me?”