Tyron Woodley Questions Demian Maia’s Approach to UFC 214 Bout

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley believes that Demian Maia may need a rethink ahead of Saturday’s 170-pound title clash

Woodley, in typically confident fashion, believes that he is the kryptonite to the welterweight division’s pretenders (via MMAJunkie):

“I’m the specialist,” Woodley said. “I’m the best (expletive) fighter in the welterweight division. I’m the best wrestler. I’m the best boxer. I have the best conditioning. I’m the most explosive. They’re fighting a specialist. I just so happen to specialize in MMA.

“With that said, fighting Demian Maia, fighting Stephen Thompson, I basically just absorb their powers. Things I would have never done in my game, now I’ll do those things against other opponents.”

Woodley, who has previously claimed that Maia’s reliance on his albeit extraordinary BJJ abilities is counter-productive, spoke at the UFC 214 open workouts about another critical facet of the Brazilian’s game: his mental preparations for fights:

“This is his shot,” Woodley said. “He said that thing on ‘Embedded’ that really struck a nerve for me. He said, “What better way to go out.’ When you start talking about going out, and you’re fighting me, I’m the type of fighter that’s retired a lot of fighters. Look at Jay Heiron. Look at Andre Galvao. Those are guys that didn’t fight again after they fought me. When you go into this fight thinking this is going to be the crown on top of your career, I’m the wrong guy. I’m not going to let you have access to that. I’m not going to let you get 20 (UFC) wins against me.”