Sunday, November 28, 2021

UFC 213’s Fabricio Werdum Opens up About His Anxiety

Fabricio Werdum is mostly seen as a relaxed competitor, but in his mind that isn’t the case.

“Vai Cavalo” is set to take on Alistair Overeem tomorrow night (July 8) inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The heavyweight clash will be part of the main card of UFC 213. It’ll be the third bout between Werdum and “The Reem.”

Speaking to the media, Werdum surprisingly opened up about his anxiety (via Flo Combat):

“I’m not superstitious, but I feel like I have OCD. If I see a flip-flop [upside-down] I flip [it], because I remember my godmother saying that if I don’t turn [in that situation] that someone would die. I’m very anxious, I’m sleepwalking, the kind that you wake up to. The other day I realized that I had even locked the door of the house — I’m taking care of myself.”

It isn’t a new issue either. The former heavyweight champion said he’s been dealing with it for many years.

“I’ve had to treat this since I was a child. I never did that [before], but I’m thinking now of doing hypnosis. I remember my mother told me once, when I was little, that I passed her and I pissed in the kitchen. So, nobody wants to sleep next to me at the hotel, neither [Rubens] Cobrinha nor [Renato] ‘Babalu,’ who is crazy himself. Only my brother, who is already more accustomed to it, does it.”

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