UFC Fight Night 114’s Rashad Evans Wants One Last Run Before he Retires

Rashad Evans hopes to obtain gold once more before he walks away from mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

Evans once ruled the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) light heavyweight division. That was back in late 2008. Fast forward to 2017 and “Suga” is a middleweight, who is on a three-fight skid.

On Aug. 5, he’ll look for his first win since Nov. 2013. His opponent will be Sam Alvey. The two are set to meet at UFC Fight Night 114.

Champions.co recently reached out to Evans, who explained why fighting Alvey is what he needs:

“Sam is a guy they brought to me. Sam Alvey is a guy that I really respect and I really like to watch him fight. I love the spirit of him—I think he’s like my spirit animal because he’s always so happy. He just goes out there and he loves to perform and that’s what I need. I need a fight where I can go out there and fight someone who’s going to push a pace, be tough, but at the same time have positive energy and come to fight.”

“Suga” went on to reveal his goal before retiring.

“I want one last run before I hang up the gloves. Then, I’ll move on to the next phase of my life. I love to fight, I love other things in life, too. I think I’ve grown in other areas, I’ve got other interests like being an analyst and helping out other fighters. Just doing things like that. Those are things that give me life outside of fighting. Still being able fight is just an added bonus.”