Werdum on ‘Disrespectful’ Conor McGregor: ‘8 out of 10 Fighters Don’t Like Him’

If former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is right, Conor McGregor has more foes than friends in MMA

McGregor is undoubtedly the brightest star ever to have fought in the promotion and boasts a legion of fans and admirers from all walks of life.

The Brazilian heavyweight legend Werdum, however, claims that this admiration stops short when it comes to other fighters (via MMAWeekly.com):

“I think the fighters don’t like him because he talks too much. He doesn’t have respect for each of the fighters,” Werdum claimed. “This is no good. If he had respected fighters, everybody would love him, but he talked too much.”

Although the Irishman has enjoyed unprecedented levels of success, fame and financial gain in the UFC, it is his perceived lack of respect for other fighters which has allegedly earned him disdain from his peers in MMA:

Conor McGregor has a lot of promotion. He talks a lot, but he doesn’t respect each fighter in the different divisions,” Werdum added. “Ask all the fighters. If you ask ten guys, eight say they don’t like him… 100 percent.”