Dana White: Floyd Mayweather Hurt by Conor McGregor in Press Conference

UFC President Dana White has claimed that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was affected by the verbal onslaught of Conor McGregor in the four-day press conference earlier this month

McGregor, the undisputed king of combat sports trash talk, touched upon various subjects when engaging in the much expected verbal warfare which he has become synonymous with during his time in the UFC.

Plagued by accusations of racism throughout the four-day “world tour” of press conferences owing to comments which were interpreted by many as having sensitive racial undertones, the Irishman also attacked Mayweather’s issue with the IRS and his ability to read.

Dana White, who accompanied McGregor on stage throughout the four city stop offs, believes that Mayweather was “hurt” by many of the UFC lightweight champion’s slurs. Additionally, the SBG Ireland star pupil’s decision to “place hands” on “Money” was not best received by the boxing legend.

Despite White’s assertions that Mayweather was affected, he did remark that the Grand Rapids, Mich. native and boxing luminary remained cool and held his composure throughout.

Check out Dana White’s interview on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press tour above.

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