Sunday, January 16, 2022

Jim Miller: ‘Finishing Fights is Always Going to be my Goal’

Jim Miller lives by the sword and dies by the sword.

Throughout his mixed martial arts career, Miller has been known for pushing the pace. He’s entertained fans for years with his exciting fighting style. With six “Fight of The Night” bonuses, there’s no denying Miller as a fan favorite.

Flo Combat recently spoke to Miller, who said bringing excitement is pretty much standard:

“Finishing fights is always going to be my goal and that won’t change. At this point in my career, I know who I am. I will continue to remain true to myself and fight aggressively every single time. It’s unfortunate I’m still making stupid mistakes at this point in my career, but if those mistakes are made while being aggressive and trying to finish the fight I’m fine with it.”

He then talked about winners reaping the benefits more than brawlers.

“It’s not a style that has made me millions of dollars. Look at Tyron Woodley getting crap for fighting a smart fight against Demian Maia. He fought the right fight. He always fights the right fight, and I have no problem with that because winners are rewarded more than guys who fight recklessly and go for broke.”

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