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Live Mayweather vs. McGregor Results & Discussion (8/26)

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 26th, 2017.

Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor via tenth-round TKO:

Round 1: The referee has read the rules to the fighters and the main event has begun. The bell rings and Mayweather puts his hands up, and Conor starts throwing punches. Floyd is up against the ropes shoulder rolling away the majority of the punches. The men comes back towards the middle of the ring and Floyd throws some shots and Conor side-steps them. Conor briefly holds both of his hands behind his back and sticks his chin out to taunt Mayweather. McGregor gets his hands back up and hits an uppercut on Mayweather. McGregor starts trying to advance on Mayweather as the bell rings and the first round comes to a close.

Round 2: Mayweather backs up into the corner and Conor throws shots. McGregor lands a couple as Mayweather comes out towards the middle of the ring. McGregor switches stances and continues trying to advance on Floyd. They get tangled up with Conor grabbing Floyd from behind until the referee separates them. Conor gets tangled up behind Floyd again and the referee once again pulls him off.

Round 3: Conor throws a flurry of punches at McGregor early on and hits one that appears to hit near the top of the head and the ref steps them. Conor appears to throw another hammer fist to the top of the head but the ref didn’t stop them for that one. They get tangled up near the ropes and the ref pulls them apart. Mayweather increases the counter-punching, but Conor does score some unreturned jabs. Conor throws another hammer fist to the top of Floyd’s head.

Round 4: Conor starts with some body shots on Floyd up against the ropes, and Floyd indicates that one of the shots might have been below the belt. Conor hits a left to the face of Floyd, then misses several. Floyd anwers with a nice shot and appears to be picking up his pace. Mayweather hits a left then a right as Conor tries to jab. Mayweather hits a combination and Conor answers with a couple jabs that connect. Another combination by Mayweather and Conor counters with a left. Floyd avances on Conor but Conor answers with a left. Mayweather counters and they get tangled up and separated again.

Round 5: Conor misses some punches early on and they tangled up twice. The referee separates them both times. Mayweather and McGregor both connect with some shots until they latch on to each other and get separated again. Mayweather lands a body shot then a left hand. They once again get tangled up, then when separated Floyd hits some right hands. Floyd shoves Conor after the bell, so the referee shoves Floyd on his way back to the corner.

Round 6: Mayweather turns his back and Conor hits a shot o the back of the head. The ref pulls McGregor away to separate them. Floyd comes back with some shots to the head then a right hand to the body. Floyd hits some combos on Conor. Conor comes back with some shots and the ref wars Floyd to stop bending over. Conor hits some jabs on Floyd and smiles at him. The ref pulls them apart again, then they each shit some shots to the head. Conor once again puts his hands behind his back and sticks his chin out to taunt Floyd.

Round 7: Floyd hits a right hand and Conor answers with an uppercut. Mayweather hits a combination to the head of Floyd. Conor appears to grab Floyd from behind twice and the ref pulls them apart. Conor hits a couple right hands to the face, then a combination. Floyd hits a right hand at a jab. Conor gets behind Floyd again and throws a shot to the back of the head and they get separated.

Round 8: Conor hits some shots to the back of Mayweather’s head, and the ref separates them to warn Conor about the punches and to warn Floyd about turning his back. Conor hits a left hand and then a body shot. Floyd scores a couple right hands and Conor clips Floyd with a left hand then a body shot. Floyd and Conor trade blows until the clock runs down in a fairly evenly matched round.

Round 9: Conor starts off with a body shot and backs Floyd up into the corner with blows. The ref pulls them apart and warns Conor about shots below the belt. Conor hits some good shot sand Floyd answers with a right hand. Floyd hits a combination on Conor and Conor grabs on to him. Floyd hits a right and left then another shot to the head, and they get tangled up against the ropes. Floyd starts throwing big shots at Conor and Conor grabs him again. Floyd hits a clean right hand and Conor grabs Floyd a couple more times until the ref pulls them apart. Floyd hits another combination on Conor then they get pulled apart to end the round.

Round 10: After getting tangled up in each others arms early on, Floyd unleashes a big combination on Conor that dazes the UFC star. Floyd continues to tee off on Conor with punches until the ref stops it. Floyd Mayweather wins via TKO in the 10th.

After the fight, Maywather says in the post-fight interview that his game plan all along was to start off slow and finish Conor in the latter part of the fight. Mayweather says he wanted to make up for the Manny fight so he came right at Conor and gave the fans the show they wanted. Floyd thanks the fans from Ireland and around the world from coming to Las Vegas tonight. Mayweather says this was his last fight tonight “for sure.” He says he chose the right dance partner to dance with tonight and called Conor a Hell of a champion. Now it’s Conor’s turn for the post-fight interview and he says he turned Floyd “into a Mexican tonight.” Conor says the ref should have let him keep going but it’s fair game. He says Floyd was more composed than he was after taking shots. Conor says he got fatigued and wished the ref would have let Floyd put him down to the mat. Conor says he does plan to fight for the UFC again.

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Badou Jack defeats Nathan Cleverly via fifth-round TKO

Andrew Tabiti defeats Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision



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