Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Paul Felder on Daniel Cormier: I Too Have Cried After Fights

Paul Felder admits that fighting is an “emotional experience” and that fighters shouldn’t be shamed for shedding tears following a bout

Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg recently drew criticism from certain quarters for claiming that Jon Jones made Daniel Cormier cry ‘like a bitch’ following their UFC 214 title fight. Felder believes that shedding tears is a natural process in fighting, admitting that he has also done it (via MMAFighting):

“I’ve cried after fights. I’ve been there. Anybody that’s been through a fist fight in front of thousands or millions of people understand it. Anybody who has ever had a street fight understands it. Half the time kids are fighting each other with tears in their eyes.

“It’s an emotional experience.”

Felder also touched upon the right attitude to have with critics following a loss:

“It’s hard because you want to write back to every one of these idiots. You want to, but that’s all they want. It’s like ‘So and so replied to me’ — if it was Cormier, ‘DC responded to me and called me an a**hole’ — it doesn’t help the situation.

“Man, you just want to jump through the computer and reply to these guys. They’re in their Mom’s basements, they don’t have lives and if they do they’re even sadder. If you don’t have a life and you’re sitting in your basement doing nothing, okay… you have nothing better to do.

“If you have a real job and you’re not a real fighter and you go on and call someone a cry baby or whatever… it’s like… what?

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