Friday, October 7, 2022

Amanda Nunes Takes Decision Win Over Valentina Shevchenko In Five Round Thriller

Round 1:

Both women exchange leg kicks to open things up. Shevchenko steps back from a strike and just misses on a counter hook. A leg kick lands for Shevchenko and Nunes just misses on a high-kick. Another leg kick lands for Nunes and she just misses on a follow-up jab. The champ lands a kick to the body and Shevchenko just misses on a high-kick. Shevchenko dodges a shot and responds with a nice strike. Shevchenko catches a kick and attempts a takedown but backs off after eating a punch in the clinch. Another big shot lands for Nunes but Shevchenko eats it well. The round closes after Nunes gets a quick takedown and follows-up with a hard shot.

Round 2:

A kick to the body lands for Shevchenko to open the round before countering a kick from Nunes with a left hand. Shevchenko breaks up a clinch attempt with a knee but Nunes continues to pressure her back against the fence. Superman punch lands for Shevchenko and Shevchenko faints one again. Another Superman punch from Shevchenko before a quick clinch is broken up by a right hand from Shevchenko. Shevchenko just misses on a spinning back-fist off a leg kick from Nunes. A counter left hand just misses for Shevchenko but she is able to land a leg kick. A nice combination lands for Shevchenko and Nunes responds with a body kick to end the round.

Round 3:

Shevchenko lands a nice combination but eats a right hand from Nunes in the process. Nunes just misses a high-kick and also eats a left hand from Shevchenko as she attempts a clinch. A leg kick lands for Shevchenko again but Nunes fires back with a crisp jab. Shevchenko ducks a shot from Nunes and lands a nice overhand left. A spinning elbow lands for Nunes, but just barely, as Shevchenko attempts a spinning technique of her own that misses. Ref threatens to take a point from Nunes if she continues to open up her hands while they’re extended out. The round comes to an end as the pair exchange leg kicks.

Round 4:

A nice combination from Shevchenko to open the round but Nunes continues to pressure forward. Nunes’ leg kicks continue to do damage and Shevchenko get caught with a hook on her way in for a superman punch. A nice combination lands for Shevchenko but Nunes responds angrily with pressure. Another leg kick lands for Shevchenko and she follows it up with a straight left hand down the pipe. More nice shots land for Shevchenko, who ends a combination with a nice knee to the body inside the clinch. More shots continue to land for Shevchenko, who is countering beautifully.

More counter punches landing for Shevchenko now and they appear to be frustrating Nunes, who is loading up on her shots more and more. More leg kick from both women and the round comes to a close with each woman missing on their combos.

Round 5:

Both women open the round bringing it, each woman landing big shots. Nunes goes in on a takedown but Shevchenko stuffs it for now as she is pressured against the cage. Nunes drops level and tries to take Shevchenko down again, but fails and then backs off. Shevchenko tries a headlock but Nunes reverses and now takes the back. Shevchenko leans forward for dear life and avoids getting brought down fully before getting back to her feet. Nunes takes Shevchenko down but Shevchenko rips off shots from the bottom with a fury. The round comes to an end with Shevchenko throwing off shots from the bottom.

Official Result: Amanda Nunes def. Valentia Shevchenko via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47)

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