Thursday, July 7, 2022

Don Frye: Jones ‘Made an Example of’ by USADA [VIDEO]

MMA legend Don Frye believes that Jon Jones may have been used as a high-profile example by USADA

Jones suffered the ignominy of once again testing positive for a banned substance which led to the third time he has been stripped of a title in his career.

Frye did stop short of claiming Jones was entirely innocent, however, in a recent discussion with Submission Radio:

“Well, I mean, [Jon Jones] did it to himself, unfortunately. Something got caught. And not everybody gets caught but a lot more people do it than don’t, I’m sure. And Jon’s the greatest fighter to enter the cage but he’s just got a black cloud hanging over his head. He’s he’s gotta be free of, you know, he’s treading water but he’s got a couple of anchors tied to his ankles and it keeps dragging him down.

“The problem with these drug tests is they catch who they want to catch. So, with that being said, it could be tainted. If they wanted you to be positive, you will be positive. [Jon Jones] is a hell of an athlete to make an example out of, right? […] He’ll be back unless he OD’s or gets in a nasty car wreck or something. He’ll just not, you know use the stuff before the fight. You know, it’s a part of his life, part of the recreational – hell, that’s his business until he runs into somebody who’s pregnant. Sh-t, he may not live long enough to come back in four years.” 

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