Exclusive Interview With Brooke “The Bully” Mayo

Brooke Mayo was on her way to a perfect start in her professional MMA career. She was debuting in one of the top organizations in the world, Bellator MMA. Was arguably winning a back and forth slug fest against Veta Arteaga (2-1) and was just 56 seconds away from hearing the judges decision.

Then it happened. The ref called in the doctors to take a look at a gruesome looking hematoma over her left eye and the fight was stopped. An injury that ultimately ended up not being serious. Nothing broken. No surgery needed. Nothing.

Mayo argues at length, but to no avail. After the fight Mayo stressed her opinion that the fight was stopped due to her being a female. That men fight with such injuries regularly. An argument that is hard to dispute. Regardless, Mayo debuted with a loss.

Saturday September 23rd Mayo gets her shot at redemption when she fights Kaytlin Neil at Bellator 172. I was able to speak with Brooke before the fight and talk about the bad stoppage, her thoughts on how men and women are treated differently inside the cage, and her thoughts her opponent.

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