Kajan Johnson: ‘I’m Not Down to Get Knocked Out Again’

“Just Bleed” isn’t in Kajan Johnson’s best interest.

Johnson has a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) record of 22-12-1. He’s been knocked out in his career five times. Now riding a three-fight winning streak, “Ragin'” isn’t interested in being finished again.

Speaking to Bloody Elbow, Johnson said fighting smart is key to his longevity:

“If I did lose that fight, it was very likely that it was going to be with a knockout. And I’m not down to get knocked out again. So if I did get knocked out, I probably would have quit, anyway. My back’s always kind of against the wall, because I’m not down for more brain damage.”

As far as playing it safe goes, Johnson said it doesn’t matter what the fans think because he’s got his health to look after.

“If you don’t like watching high-level martial artists use the martial art in the way it’s meant to be used, then maybe you should go watch a Tough Man competition. Or go watch a lower-level pro show. And you’ll see a whole bunch of guys that aren’t as good down to get in the middle of the cage and get bloody. But that’s not me; I’m not here to bleed for you.”