Lauren Murphy Blasts TUF Coach Eddie Alvarez Over Rift

Lauren Murphy isn’t thrilled with Eddie Alvarez.

Emotionally distraught following her upset loss on The Ultimate Fighter season 26 to Nicco Montano, Murphy didn’t attend a morning workout session. This didn’t sit well with coach Alvarez who ripped Murphy for not showing up.

Speaking to, Murphy said she wasn’t amused with Alvarez’s scolding:

“I was definitely really resentful about it and I was really very envious of the girls on Team Gaethje, because they were allowed to have rest days whenever they wanted, they were having a lot of fun on their team. It seemed that their coaches really treated them with a lot of respect and I felt like I was getting the sh*tty end of that deal, having Eddie as a coach.”

On the show, Alvarez said Murphy’s actions were selfish. Murphy didn’t take too kindly to those words.

“I was blown away. I was like, he f*cking said that shit about me? I can’t believe it. That’s crazy to me. I’m the one bringing down morale? Mother f*cker, you’re the one talking sh*t about me to the rest of the team. I’m quietly sitting at home taking a rest day and you’re talking sh*t about members of our own team. Who’s really bringing down the morale here? Or to say that those girls depend on me? Depend on me for what? I’m not their coach. You’re their f*cking coach. They’re depending on you.”