Leslie Smith Hits out at USADA’s Tracking App Idea

Leslie Smith, like all other UFC fighters, recently received a survey from the promotion regarding the place USADA will have in the future of the company

Smith was flabbergasted to read that, according to the survey, USADA may propose that fighters install a 24/7 app onto their phones in order to keep surveillance on them at all times.

The UFC bantamweight was far from impressed, however, taking to Instagram to question USADA’s surprising suggestions and the UFC’s model as a whole:

“What’s your response if your job said they were going to track you 24/7 with your phone? Same as mine? In my journey to educate and advocate for the UFC fighter’s union, I hear some arguments for keeping the independent contractor status. I would rather be an independent contractor with no boss except for myself if it was possible but right now it’s the pits of them both – we don’t get benefits or federal protection as employees because we are ICs but we’re treated as employees by being regulated in our uniforms, not allowed to seek out other contracts for our fighting skill set and under supervision at all times through the USADA program. And now they want to make the USADA program into the type of tracker app a parent gets for their 10-year-old.” 

“If we don’t fight for employee status to get benefits and most importantly a seat at the table to discuss and participate in decisions like this then it’s not going to stop. The rules and regulations will not end and the fighters will never be given their due for acquiescing. It’s time to stop being spectators to the process and get a seat at the table. Did any other fighters notice this? Post about this? Get pissed about this? Are we children that we should be tracked at all times? Or am I not in line with other people in my frustration and indignation at this? Is is reasonable for a contracted job to track you at all times? 

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